Sunday, June 19, 2011

Are there too many fishing regulations?

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"Are there too many fishing regulations"is an article giving the pros and cons about the fishing regulations we have now, and the regulations coming in the future.

Doug leier, the author of the article, is part of the agency that deals with all fishery regulations in his state. He understands that special regulations are sometimes needed for lakes and rivers, though also understands that learning all the rules for each river can be very frustrating. He thinks that there should be a happy medium where big time gamers can fish without catching all the fish, but not so many rules that a regular persone can't pick up a day license and go fishing.

This article has taugh me that there is more to fishing then sitting on a boat with a fishing rod and waiting for that big fish to nibble. That there are laws and regulations in place on what bait you can use, how many fish you can catch and how big they can be and that there are reasons for these regulations.

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