Saturday, June 11, 2011

Avalanche dangers


I really liked reading this article because it showed all the facts and statistics that one may need to know if they encounter an avalanche. Avanlanches are one of the most dangerous hazards of the outdoors and you have to be careful while skiing, snowboarding, and snow shoeing.

The article states that there is two types of avalanches, dry and wet snow. Dry snow travels up to 120mph and wet snow can travel up to 5mph, and dry snow can be as powerful as an explosive. Most people who survive avalanches have many injuries from trees, cliffs, and equipment; although the survival rate of being burried in 6ft of snow is 90% after 15 minutes and 50% after 30 minutes. This arcticle showed many good points about the dangers of avalanches.

Many people die of suffocation in avalanches and this is a good topic to be aware of when going on a trip to the mountains because you never know when an avalanche may strike.

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