Saturday, June 11, 2011

Forest Fires- Prevention & Survival

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An article on this topic is very useful to some people who wouldnt know what to do in the situation of a forest fire, and with knowing this information it could save thier lives. It has great knowledgable information that is very helpful to some.

The article has two main points about " how to prevent a forest fire" and "forest fire survival tips". In the prevention area of the article it says that you should always keep an eye on your fire and keep it small and controlled. Check and recheck that your fire is completly out before leaving and never leave a cigarette butt on the ground, just incase. In the second part of the article the author explains how you would save yourself and others when you may be encountered with a forest fire. They say you should get to a clear spot away from the fire and will not be any danger to yourself and call in the forest fire. Most forest fires are caused by human mistakes.

Forest fires are a very destructive hazard and we should always do everything we can in preventing them and we should always be prepared in the wilderness if there were ever a forest fire.

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