Monday, June 13, 2011

Back home on the range

Rating: ***

Back home on the range describes the process of herding bison to finnally reproduce in saskatchewan.

In 2004 the nature conservancy released 50 bison in a protected 13,000 acre are called “old man on his back”. The goal is to get 200 to 250 in about 4-5 years. The bison are disease free and anually vaccinated. Elk island national park had donated the bison to re-introduce the animals to the prairies. The nature conservancy is hoping to eventually plan tours to witness the wild creatures that once roamed the plains. There will be tours on foot, mountain biking and even horseback riding in the near future.

I enjoy the article, hearing about re-introducing animals and the effort to protect certain species is great for the enviornment. The bison will be able to graze with nothing to worry about. I like the plan and it would be amazing to see this in person.

Kristina. Fagan. Back home on the range. Explore: the big melt. Issue 129. Toronto, Ont 2004

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