Monday, June 13, 2011

The bell epoque

Rating: ****

In the article it showcases the history made by Marilyn Bell as she took on a swimming challenge like no other.

16 year old Canadian swimmer Marilyn Bell set a goal in 1945, to beat an American heavyweight swimmer Florence Chadwick. The race started in Niagara river, new york and would end across lake Ontario. It was a risk since no-one had swam this lake before, with lamprey eels occasional lightning and unpredictable waters. Although the lake almost overpowered Marilyn the lake had already beaten challengers roach and most importantly Chadwick. Totalling 20 hours and 55 minutes she had pushed herself to the end. Becoming the first person to cross lake Ontario she had also made approx 60,000 dollars.

Articles like these are highly motivational and really comes to show if u have a goal, never give up and you can succeed.

Hank. Melissa. The Bell Epoque. Explore: the big melt. Issue 129. Toronto, Ont 2004

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