Monday, June 13, 2011

Mountain Meltdown


This article describes Global warming at its effects on the glaciers and overall the earth.

With different weather and rising tepmeratures it may seem to be a little crazy, is it getting hotter and colder depending on the season. But with the rising temperatures its definetly impacted canadas beautiful glaciers, once giant now shrunk or even almost gone. What many canadians dont is that the glaciers melting proccess is faster than expected according to scientists. The Glaciers in the rockies will melt in our lifetimes. Yes it is a downfall, but these icons of the climate change will provide many with our freshwater.

I found this article interesting seeing how in our life time we can witness history, its also sad to see one of natures best creations be ruined by humans and other causes.

Little. James. Mountain meltdown. Explore: the big melt. Issue 129. Toronto, Ont 2004

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