Saturday, June 11, 2011

River and Water crossings in Hiking

Rating: ****

I really liked this article because it had great and useful information that can be used on a hiking trip or anyu trip. It is a quick easy read that really illustrates the importance of being safe and taking the right precautions while crossing any type of water.

This article based on the safety and criterias to look for when crossing a river or lake while hiking. It has two main points about "Stream and river wading" and "Stream and river swimming". The author says that if you have the choice of taking any safer routes ( bridges, smaller part in river) then you should take that detour and keep yourself safe. Crossing rivers can be very dangerous because calm water can actually have a very strong current, if the river does you should plan a route going down stream at an angle. If you must swim across the body of water then you should try using a floatation device (ie: lifejacket, air mattress) to safely cross  the water. The author clearly states that it is important to be safe and to assess the situation befiore taking action.

I loved how the article gave so much information in such a small article. I would recommend this article to someone that may be going on a hiking trip in the near future.

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