Sunday, June 12, 2011

How to keep your food safe from bears - Kevin Callen

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How to keep your food safe from bears gives a paragraph description on four different types of ways that you can use when you out on a canoeing trip, or a hiking trip.

The first technique is Bear bagging which is simply done by storing all your food items and other items with odors in their own little bag. Then by just simply either hanging them by a rope over a strong limb or in between two separate trees you will have a save system in which your food will not get eaten. He also suggests tieing a little piece of coloured tape to your bag just in case you forget where you put it the next morning. The second technique is the pulley system in which you add a pulley to the first technique. This technique is better for when you might have a lot of food items to put in your bag making it really heavy. The third technique is the bear barrels which are barrels that hold all the odors in making them smell proof from bears. But be careful since not all barrel bags hold in the odors. The fourth and final technique is the food floting technique where you anchor your canoe far from shore with your food in it being hard for the bears to smell the odors of your food, but be careful since bears will potentially swim out and get your food.

This article has taught me multiple ways that I can keep my food safe from bears, before i really only knew the main one. It has also taught me how smart bears can be and ways that you can prevent them from knowing that there is food your bag or barrel. This articles information will carry on to next years canoeing trip when we are gonna have to be hanging our food for three nights.

Callen, Kevin. "How to keep your food safe from bears." Explore Canada's Outdoor Magazine.
12 June. 2011.

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