Sunday, June 12, 2011

TED TALK Kirk Citron- And now, the real news

Rating ***

I really enjoyed this speaker and his main point of how the news we read now should be among information that will help us in our future.
In this ted talk, Kirk Citron starts by describing people as "drowning in news". Citron states that one source alone distributes three and a half million stories per year. The speaker presents a project called the Long News which would provide news that will still be affecting the world in fifty to one hundred years and even further on than that.
Citron describes a few examples of news that would make a difference in the future. He touches on robots that are helping human sciences, resources that will be lacking in the future, global politics that could separate our country, and finally new discoveries such as that of water on the moon that could affect our future.
After explaining 'important' news, Citron promotes the Long News and concludes by explaining that in the long run, some stories will be more valuable than others.
After reading this article, I took the time to look more into the Long News. I think I'd like to educate myself more about subjects that will never be out of date and that will effect mine and future generations.

Tedtalks/Citron, Kirk/And now, the real news/web/ Feb 2010/viewed June 12 2011

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