Friday, June 10, 2011

TED Talk - Al Gore warns on latest climate trends

Rating: ****

In this TED Talk Al Gore makes a presentation about the ice caps, and how over the last twenty five years has reduced by 40%. The man problem is that the heating is that the frozen ground is being melted. Massive amounts of frozen carbon situated in the ground is being thawed and is being released into the atmosphere in the form of methane. If we cross the tipping point the amount of gas released into the air would create an impact that is double the current amount of global warming pollution. With the increase of melting around the world increased waste of fresh drinking water is also occurring, dramatic increase in forest fires, and also weather related disasters. The biggest single cause of global warming besides forestation is the burning of fossil fuels. Oil is a problem but mostly coal. Burning coal emits about 80% of the pollution into the world. Although the cancellation of new coal plants has happened and the creation of greener energy solution has been put into place it is not enough. Al Gore has a plan that in 10 years American will be 100% ran on clean energy sources.

I found this TED Talk very interesting as it revealed new things to me that I did not know about global warming. Although the problem is clear the solution is very hard to find. I don't think his plan to create a clean energy America or any plan to make a clean energy world will ever work because the industries of fossil fuels bring a lot of money and no one wants to give money up.

Gore, Al "Warns on latest climate trends" May 2009

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