Thursday, June 9, 2011

Paddling around Petrie Island

This particular article caught my attention as I live 5 mins from Petrie Island. Petrie Island is located on the Ottawa river at the extreme North end of Trim road in Orleans. Kayaking is very popular around Petrie Isalnd, if you do not have your own kayak you can rent one from the only store called Oziles. There is a lot to see at Petrie Island such as turtles, blue herons many different types of birds and fish. When i was little I remember seeing baby turtles just hatched they were so small and cute.

If you decide to kayak at Petrie Island start form the beach and head east down stream. At the end of the beach turn right and head for the bridge and head for the bridge, paddle to the bay between the island and main land you may see turtle basking in the sun on top of the logs in the water. I myself have seen this many times. About 50 mins later you will end up back in the Ottawa river, turn right and you will coast back to your starting place. After reading this article I may rent a kayak and take this route this summer at Petrie Island.

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