Thursday, June 9, 2011

TED Talk - How to grow fresh air

Rating: **

In this TED Talk the speaker, Kamal Meattle, tells the audience on how they can live indoors their whole life and not require any fresh air with the help of 3 common house plants ( that's what I got from it anyways). He starts off by presenting a story of how when he was a young boy living in India, he was developed allergies to the air he was breathing and doctors said that it would eventually kill him. He developed a way to ensure that he always had clean air to breathe. In his studies he found that 3 plants, the money plant, the Areca palm and the mother-in-law's tongue, were able to convert the harmful CO2 found in the air into Oxygen, while also requiring the least amount ofwork to be taken care of.

I found this talk rather intricate and quite unrelatable to me. Although the speaker does state how his topic affects the world around him ( all human beings require fresh air ), I don't believe that his idea will catch on, since he states that for each person to be able to breathe healthily, they must have 4-6 plants of each kind, and that seems to take up too much space indoors. Although he seemed to have countless numbers of statistics to back up his pont, I believe just 1 demonstration would have made his presentation that much better.

Meattle, Kamal. "How to grow fresh air". TED Talks. February 2009. Web. March 2009. Retrieved

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