Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pilot Error- Mike Desrochers

Rating: **

  This article explains very little about anything, it is very vague and there really isn't a point to it, just reminders of what you need to remember before any trip.

  The first paragraph is explaining that awareness is very important, and to be aware of being on water. Training is the second, it explains that preparedness is very important and that being trained will help you in suprising situations. The third is practice, newfound skills need to be solidified in your mind. Reviewing what you learn will stick with you and help you in that situation. The fourth and final one is judgement, this skill ties all the others togetherand is probably the most important.

  This article is short and didn't provide me with any information, just things i already know, but maybe that was the whole idea?

Desrochers, Mike. "Pilot Error". Rapid Magazine. Summer 2001. Pages 20-21. Print

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