Sunday, June 12, 2011

TED Talk- Ocean's glory---and horror

Rating: ****

In this TED talk, Brian Skerry shows his amazing photographs of the oceans most magnificiant animals and habitats, and the horrors that human's bring onto it. Brian Skerry has photographed and done many articles for National Geographic, in the past years. The first story he revealed to us, is about Harp seal pups and how they are endangered in many ways. At a very young age of 12 weeks, these pups are being killed and the ice they must live on is very thin and unable to support thier weight. The next story he shares with us is about the global fish crisis, with Mr.Skerry talking about shrimp, sharks, rubberback sea turtles, and right whales. Shrimp are caught in big nets that catch everything, not just shrimp. With just 8 shrimp there is 10lbs of other marine life caught. With sharks, we are losing them faster then we can find them, and everyone thinks they are horrible animals btu they are really calm and beautiful animals. Rubberback sea turtles are the most endangered sea turtle on earth, they are getting caught in fishing nets and the babies are being eaten by birds even before they reach the water. The Right whale is said to be the most endagered species of whale. They are being hit by boats and killed all over the world. In New Zealand, Mr.Skerry studied many types of fish and thier habitats ( ie: giant sting rays). Brian Skerry is trying to make the point that we must keep our oceans clean and try to help the ocean life as much as we possibly can to preserve everything living in it.

I really enjoyed watching this video, the photographs that Mr.Skerry had taken were very amazing and some horrifying. Brian Skerry made his point through his photographs of wonderful sea creatures and how some are being treated very poorly and we must take action to keep these creatures from going extinct.

Skerry, Brian. Ocean's glory and horror. Filmed April 2010
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