Friday, September 30, 2011

Kayaking the Amazon

By: Piotr Chimielinsk


Kayaking the Amazon is an amazing story about a trip down one of the most beautiful and longest rivers in the world.

This article is about a group of twelve men and women who in 1985 set out of the expedition of a lifetime. They were determined to be the first people to kayak the whole 4000 miles of the Amazon River. They pass through many Indian villages, some of which were hosting annual festivals. They were captured twice by “gorillas”, stoned, and threatened numerous times along the Andes Mountain Rivers that fed into Amazon. They faced white water rapids and falling rocks as the go on through their journey. The four explorers that were kayakers finally ended their trip almost six months after they started. Nothing is told about what happened to the other eight.

This article has made me think about how people in remote areas would react to strangers entering their villages. I learned that this was the first time in recorded history that someone has traveled the whole Amazon River. Also that the Amazon is 4000 miles long. This story is extremely inspiring. It makes me believe that anything is possible and if you have will power. I will never forget the story I have read and I will never think that anything is impossible or that anything is over until it is over.

National Geographic, VOL 171, NO.4 April 1987 pg. 461

Tyler Franklin

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