Friday, September 30, 2011

Tulin. Philip "How to Photography During the Winter"
Outdoor Eyes Xtreme

This article was about taking photographs of the wilderness in the winter, and was very interesting!

It explained that outdoor photography is really nice in the winter, but it's very difficult to take a picture with the right amount of contrast and make it the nicest colour. They explain tips such as picking the right day, and adding additional light from certain angles. The picture quality all depends on the day you pick, and the colour of the sky, so if it's a dark day you can add light. They also mention ways to get the most enjoyment out of your winter photography experience, by knowing the signs of hypothermia, making sure someone knows where you are and keeping a good attitude.

This article helped me because I think photography is so beautiful and I'm always looking for new ways to improve mine. I have very little experience, and after reading this article I know I'm going to be even more on the lookout for photo opportunities on my future trips.

I recommend this article mostly to people who understand the technicalities of photography because there are lots of technical shutter numbers and complicated photography terms that I didn't completely understand.

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