Saturday, October 22, 2011

Bare-foot running for fun

Rating: ***

This article grabbed my attention because I like to run bare-foot. However, I never knew that it was such a big thing!

The article describes how running without substantial footwear was becoming a big deal. Although there are some critics questioning the point of endeavoring to do this, when it could be so bad for you! The thing about bare-foot running is this; without padded shoes to absorb the shock of hitting the ground, there is an entirely different technique to placing your feet. Because of this, many people suffer injuries from bare-foot running, due to improper technique.

I think that the article is informative, and that anyone who would like to get into this growing sport should definitely read it.

Sisler. Julia. "Bare-foot runnig for fun." Ottawa Outdoors (Summer/Fall 2011): 7.

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