Sunday, October 23, 2011


Rating ****

“Canadian live in Igloo” is the most famous stereotype of Canada. But can you build an igloo? This article is perfect to get information and be able to build one. It is really easy to read and has clear explications.

“Winter Camping: How to build an igloo” explains why do you need an igloo and the origin of this one. Then, the author gave carefully different steps to build an igloo with personal advice. He talked about useful techniques to get good and quick results. There is information about how you can get a good temperature in your igloo and the circulation of air. The most important is that you mustn’t cook in the igloo because that pollutes the air and it’s really dangerous! There is some advice about igloo life, for example you mustn’t drink during tree hours before sleeping!

I really like this article, because I learned a lot about winter camping and how you can build an igloo. I didn’t know for example, that we could keep 4 degrees Celsius during all the night in an igloo. Information is clear and easy to understand! Now, I just look forward to have snow and try to build one! I hope that I could do winter camping one time in my life.

I recommend this article for everybody who wants to build an igloo or get information about that.

Ottawa Outdoor Magazine – Chantal Macartney - website:

by Sarah Jenni

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