Friday, October 21, 2011

Frontenac Provincial Park - Ross Francis

Rating: ****

Do you want to go backpacking, camping or canoeing but you do not know where to go? The well written article about the “Frontenac Provincial Park” can help you out. It is a very informative article about this park which also includes a lot of personal experience.

In this article Ross Francis writes about his search for a good canoeing and hiking park for a nice outdoor trip with his family, how he discovered the Frontenac Provincial Park, and he tells about all its features. The article provides a nice description of the park, its routes and camping places, and it also provides the personal experience of Ross Francis in the park, and the information about how to get there.

I personally really enjoyed reading this article as on the one hand it was very well written and on the other hand it reminded me of our great hiking trip in exactly this park. After reading this article the next thing I want to do was to go hiking again. I like that the article includes a lot of information but also personal experience. Furthermore, the article gave me the idea of canoeing in the Frontenac Provincial Park. I am sure that this would be a great experience.

I recommend this article to anyone who is interested in hiking and canoeing and who wants to discover a new park with fantastic trails and beautiful lakes. I also recommend it to Mr. Brouwer… maybe he will decide to take us on an extra back-paddling trip in the Frontenac Provincial Park. ;)

Source: “Frontenac Provincial Park” article by Ross Francis
”Ottawa Outdoors” magazine (Spring/Summer2008) pages 16-18

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