Sunday, October 30, 2011

Outdoor Ed Article Assignment. Pad 20

Outdoor Ed Article Assignment. Pad 20

Rating: ***

Did you know that if your compass malfunctions in the woods you can find your way using your watch? I didn’t until I read this article called Navigating without a Compass” by: George G. Spearing.

The Article is very short and to the point, it is very revealing towards the matter. This article has made me think back and > what if? < What if I was lost out in the forest and my compass broke and stopped working correctly. This tool would be very useful to help me find my way back to my destination and seek help. The methods that the article shows are very easy to learn and effective. Once I read this article I had to test if this method was effective or not, it turns out that this skill requires practise to be effectively used on the trail, it requires the sun to be out to work properly and patience. I will definitely think twice and pack and extra Gps or compass/map before setting out on a big hiking trip , minimizing the risk of getting lost and having to use this method. It is a valuable skill to have and in case of emergency it could help save a life. In the overall rating I would recommend this article to a friend just because it is original and useful but mostly if they just want to learn something new and try a new way of navigation.


Navigating Without a Compass

By: George G. Spearing.

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