Monday, October 10, 2011

Woolly Hat Trick-Ryan Stuart


"Woolly Hat Trick" is a question and answer with the explorer, Eric Larsen. The article is about his first attempt at becoming the first person to reach some of earth's most extreme points; the north pole, south pole, and Mount Everest.

This article is about the plans and the hardships that Eric Larsen will, or could go through. He states that his first problem is fundraising, though he got a lucky break for going to the south pole, because his Canadian Partnership is going to be shipping all his equipment on military flights, which will cost him less or no money. The hardest parts of the three adventures is going to be the heights because he has only ever been up 8000 meters.

I found this article really interesting because it is about some of the hardest explorations in the world and what some of the troubles and problems someone could encounter on the way. This appealed to me because when you hear about a trip you don't hear about all the problems the person might have had, but all the great and adventurous things they have done.

This is a article that I would recommend to anyone that wants to read about someone and what problems they have encountered on their trip, not just the things they did well.

Stuart, Ryan. "Woolly Hat Trick." Outside Nov. 2009: 1. Print.

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