Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Longest
Rating ***

This article
is funny, shows you how careful you have to be when out in the wild and how you
always have be prepared.

The article
“The Longest Night” is about a man named Eric who went on a solo canoe trip.
Eric finds himself in a sticky situation when it starts raining, it is dark and
he has to hang his food. Knowing that he is in bear country and he must hang
his food, and because it was dark and cold and he was inexperienced he hung his
food on a branch that left the bag dangling close to his tent. Later that night he heard some heavy breathing
coming from outside his tent. When he looked out he saw that a bear had climbed
up the tree and took his food sac. After the bear took his food, Eric thought
it would leave. But the bear didn’t leave so he tried making different sounds
to scare the bear but nothing seemed to work. The whole night he sat outside
his tent with his back to the water waiting to see what would happen. When it started
to become light again he saw 3 cubs in a tree, 30 feet off the ground and about
20 feet away from his tent. The cubs slowly came down from the tree and the
mother waited for them to get down then left.
He said it was like a scene from a Disney movie. Luckily he had stored
some food by a stream near his camp so he finished his trip on eggs and butter.

This article
really helps you learn that you have to be prepared and very careful when you
are camping alone or even with someone. It makes you think about what could
happen if those bears wanted more food and decided that Eric would be the food.
Overall this article was good and I enjoyed reading it.
The Longest
Night by Eric Kundsen, Lee, Massachusetts , Paddler page 48

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