Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Article #2

Canoe Portage Courtesy

This Article discusses the common courtesies of portaging. The Author tells the rules of portaging and how sometimes when the wilderness doesn't get the respect he feels so rightfully deserves his frustration happens

I found with this article I could strongly relate to the feelings this man was having towards the people who do not respect the wilderness. He states that "Lack of courtesy on portage routes is sometimes that has become somewhat of a pet peeve for me." In the article he discusses the right of ways, where not to keep your equipment, keep to the trails and leave the trails just as you saw then or in better shape. Iv'e learned that a lot of people take this very seriously and care very much so about some of these issues. The next time I go out canoeing I will be sure to follow these rules step by step.

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