Monday, November 7, 2011

Article #3

Rough water tactics ***

Jonathan tells 8 easy but effective tips ensure white water is more safe and enjoyable for those long travel trips you've planned ahead for.

Intsall a spray deck a spray deck will reduce and keep water out of your boat as well keep wind out of your way.

prevent sea sickness ginger root is a great herb to prevent queasiness, remember to stay upright and don't lean forward.

Trim your canoe this doesn't mean literally trim the canoe, rather you would balance barrels, paddlers and packs by keeping them centered and even the weight out. Sliding seats can even your weight out as well.

Double blade allows paddler to brace themselves in unexpected conditions

Time surf launches and landings take your time to look over conditions of water. maintain power and direction while proceeding into break zones. Avoid waves and rocks

Steer clear of head lands and steep cliffs plan routes wisely with topographic maps for an overall smoother ride.

Set a ferry angle crossing over to an island is challenging when facing strong winds and waves. Use a ferry angle to set off these forces.

Accurately gauge the size of power of the waves beware of tall waves and short wavelengths. you do not want a swamped canoe.

Follow these tips provided and you should be fine, no promises though white water can be unpredictable.

Pratt, Jonathon. Rough water tactics. ontario. Canoe roots. summer 2010. pg20

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