Monday, November 14, 2011

Look Up-Way Up And Hang On Tight

Rating: *****

Have you ever been twenty-five meters up where the birds hide? Up so high you can almost see the blue sky through the thick forest leaves, if not then a heart pounding adventure at La Rafale aerial course is the place to be.

La Rafale is the most adventurous, thrilling, and exiting place to check out. La Rafale is in Quebec and it is the longest aerial course in Quebec. Treetop climbing is a fantastic workout, lugging your body higher and higher in the air until you can see the blue sky past the tops of the trees. Treetop climbing is like a big jungle gym but you are in the middle of a green forest walking on brides, zip lining, balancing across swinging steps, tightropes and so much more that will help you get from one tree to another. There is something for everyone. You can be fourteen meters up at a beginner to intermediate level or you can go extreme and go up to twenty-five meters in the air! Treetop climbing can teach everyone new skills like leadership, respect, trust, and communication. It really gets people active and on the toes. With treetop climbing you really get to see nature in a whole new perspective, from a whole new angle for matter of fact. You will get to enjoy the sounds of birds singing and breath the fresh forest scent, all while feeling the adrenaline rushing through your veins.

I highly recommend this article to everyone. Anyone can do this activity and it can open people's eyes to the beauty of nature while they learn new skills. It would be quite the experience!

Look up-way up And hang on tight, Julia Sisler: Ottawa Outdoors; Summer/Fall 2011

(Posted November 10, 2011)

Posted by Haley Lorenz

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