Thursday, December 15, 2011

Winter Running

I just read an article called "Getting Over Cold Feet" and this article talks about winter running. I love running and have always thought of it as more of a summer sport. Reading this article though, has made me think a little differently. The author of the article talks about her first experience of winter running, and that it was very tough ,at night and without the proper gear. They give you a list of the gear you will need for winter running. The first step to good gear is to cover your extremities, hands feet and head. These are important for keeping your core temperature from dropping. For your body, you need a skin-tight, moisture wicking layer and then a looser jacket. They also talk about keeping hydrated and how most people who run in the winter don't think they're sweating as much when they actually are. Taking water outside in the winter just means you'll have frozen water, so they suggest keeping it under your layers or getting a specialized bottle. Another tip they gave was to look at the weather and then add 10 degrees to that temperature to plan what you will wear. Adding the ten degrees makes up for the heat your body will create while you're running. Another thing mentioned abut the weather was to make sure you run into the wind to start with so the wind is at your back when you are the most tired. Keeping your runs short to avoid overexposing yourself to the elements and knowing your limits weather wise are key to safe and enjoyable winter running. It doesn't make sense to run on a day right after an ice-storm or running for so long that your sweat freezes to your outside layer. Running with a group of people is something they mention for keeping yourself safe, and taking a phone or bus pass in case of emergency. This article was very helpful to me because it shows that you don't have to be full out hardcore to run in the winter, you just have to have ambition, and the right gear to help you out. These tips will definitely come in handy with running for cross country skiing.

Varalli, Stephania. "Getting Over Cold Feet". adventura magazine (winter edition). pg.14. Dec. 15 2011

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