Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Adventure Racing: Gear You Need (Article #5)

Rating: *****

This article is a summary of all the gear you'd need for adventure racing. In it, it gives lists for mountain biking, paddling, orienteering and mountaineering.

Along with the seperate equipement you'd need for different legs of the course, you'll need certain gear for ALL segments and you should have them on you at all times. This gear includes; compasses, whistles, mirrors, a first aid kit, a flashlight and of course, water and water containers. You should always have water on you at all times. Mountain Biking is the first segment. It tells you how you'll need a bike (obviously), helmet, repair tools for different situations, and a bike light. Look for a lightweight bike and tires ready for any terrain. For the Paddling part of the course make sure you have a lifejacket, waterproof flashlight, rope and a bailer for emergency. Orienteering is more mental and strategic. It doesn't require much gear but you should have light clothes, NO COTTON! Clothes that will easily dry. Avoid shorts in orienteering, look for a long sleeve spandex shirt or underarmor. Bring a compass, backpack and waterproof jacket. Wear light, trail running shoes. The final segment, Mountaineering, is the part usually at the end to help give the racers a little bit of a thrill and a lot of enjoyment while still racing. You'll be rapelling and traversing so you'll need a climbing harness, rapelling device, locking carabiners and a prusic rope for backup. It's a hard and demanding sport, adventure racing. But it's very rewarding!

Article by Greg Hill
Magazine is Ottawa Outdoors

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