Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Bare-foot running for fun


this article talked about Rod Begg who is a bare foot runner who ran bare foot during December to march months outside. He talked about the benefits of running bare foot and how it releases stress for you.

He talked about the time he spent running in the freezing cold and how there is nothing quite like it “People look at you like you are crazy but for those who have tried it they say shoes off”. He says that the time you are running is like you are back to your child hood and playing in the mud again. But this is not for everyone some people how try this say it hurts their feet and give them pains up their legs. My people in Ottawa are trying this and many groups of people are now trying this they find it is for the better.

I am one of the people that started but had to quit because of the pains that it gave me. I used to run on my road and play tennis with just socks on and then the pains began. Now I am sticking to running shoes and that is the way it it staying for me. For many people how have never tried it they could have a lot of fun and and become in great physical shape.

This was a very interesting article and I enjoyed it very much I do suggest to read it and try bare foot running more than one time to get your foot used to the feel and then you might enjoy it a lot more.

source: Ottawa outdoor summer/fall 2011”bare-foot running” By Julia Sisler Pg 7

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