Thursday, January 19, 2012

Camping Lesson Number One…Preparation is Key - Courtesy of Ara Content

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This article is very useful for first time campers or campers with little experience. The article is a guide on preparation for camp. There are some very useful tips in this article. The first thing that is recommended you do is do a full check of your vehicle, looking for flat tires, air leaks or any other problems. It is also a good idea to check the oil and the battery level of your vehicle. There are many other helpful tips in this article, such as: make a list of everything you will need and check it regularly; lay out everything you are taking so it is easier to see if you are missing something; be sure to bring tarps or plastic shower curtains in case of rain; arrive at your campground as early in the day as possible to have time for settling in. There are many more tips given in the article that will help any camper.

While reading this article, I tried testing my preparation skills. I would read and think about whether I would have done that. I was surprised to see that I use many of the preparation techniques that are given in this article. Now I know that I am property prepared for my trips, unless I should forget something. I would recommend that any first time campers or campers with little experience should read this article. It might make their trip much easier.

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