Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ted Talk - Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs

I found a Ted Talk done by Mike Rowe, the apprentice from dirty jobs. "The happiest people are those who have dirty jobs." -Mike Rowe

In this Ted Talk Mike talks about his apprenticeship at a sheep farm where he was going to go help castrate about 100 lambs with the farmer. Mike researched castrating lambs first because he wanted to make sure that it was humane. He called the SPCA, and they told him that the "right" way to do it was to put an elastic on the testicles and after a week they will fall off.

When Mike arrived at the farm he expected to be castrating the lambs the "right" way. The farmer started on the first lamb to show Mike how it was done. When the farmer pulled out a knife Mike questioned him because that was not the "right" way. The farmer showed Mike how he does it which includes using your bare hands and your mouth!! Mike was shocked but the farmer asked him if he wanted to see what happens to the lamb when you do it the "right" way. So he put an elastic on the lamb and the lamb began to suffer, he stumbled and went and laid down in the corner. The farmer said that the lamb will stay lying down for about a day and then after a week the testicles will finally fall off.

Mike was appalled by this and realized that the lamb that was done the "right" way according to the SPCA was actually hurting the animal a lot more than the farmers way. The lambs that were done in the farmers way would just stand up and run away and go find a good patch of grass to eat and act like nothing ever happened.

This Ted Talk shows that even the way you think may be the "right" way, when you see a different way of doing it, that way may be even better that what you originally thought was the "right" way.

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