Thursday, January 19, 2012

When the things go wrong out there-Mike Randolph

When the things go wrong out there

by Mike Randolph

Rating: *****

This very long article discusses a duo's adventurous journey to Kiwirrkurra, central Australia. The first day of the trip, one of the two has already hurt his foot on a coral, starting off badly the trip. Their trip is cut short when Steven is admitted to the hospital due to infecton of his foot, and, though fed a cocktail of antibiotics, does not get any better, and he comes close to getting surgery in his hand, which becomes infected worse than his foot. Mike, Steve's friend, calls Steven's fiancée, and she becomes very worried, being an emergency doctor in New York. Many months later, Steven is now healthy again, although his hand has still not recovered fully.

This article revolves around the author's experience in this, and he thinks that satellite phones ruin the point of going on a wild adventure camping or hiking or whatever the outdoor experience may be. I agree with him to a certain point, because of the fact that luck may be the only factor affecting whether you will have an accident on your trip, and that a way of communicating with emergency services is never a bad idea.
Overall, and excellent must-read. 5 Star.

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