Friday, January 20, 2012

Canoe-Over-Canoe Rescue (Article #7)

Rating: ***

This article explains the steps on how to do the canoe-over-canoe technique to put a canoe that got flipped upside down back to it's proper position

The article gives 6 basic steps on how to do it properly and effectively. It starts off with the first step being to make sure that the paddlers in the canoe are safe. The second step is to take the flipped over and slide it perpendicular onto the middle of the boat. Now, while sitting in the boat, flip the canoe over as if you had just finished portaging and were putting the canoe into water. Now the canoe should be right side up instead of upside down. The fourth and fifth step follow as such. Carefully place the canoe back into the water without tipping yourself. Take your time, there's no need to rush. Now hold the canoe steady while the other person who tipped it climbs into the canoe. The final step is to make sure she is 100%, hand her the paddles and equipement she may have dropped when she tipped over and be on your merry way.

Article By Andrew Westwood
Magazine is Ottawa Outdoors Summer/Fall 2007

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