Friday, January 20, 2012

A canoeing adventure in algonquin park by matthew ladd

I have bin at this lake so many times in my life I wanted to know how Matthews adventure was on this lake.

At the beging of the article he tells us the history of the place. It really surprised me because like I said I have bin there before but I haven't heard any stories or any history about this place

Matthew tells us what way he when't for his adventure and how he got there. He tells us many details in his article and tells us what to be aware of if you happen to come the same way that he did. When the was telling me his story I knew exactly what he was talking about it also gave me flash backs of what he was saying.

I really suggest reading this article before you go on the camp because this tells you where and how you get places that you wanna be and also tells you what to be aware of once you arrive to your destination

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