Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christopher McDougall:Are we born to run?

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Christopher McDougall: Are born to run?

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This ted talk really interested me it really made a lot of scene to me and is some thing that should be thought over and studded. This ted talk was preformed by Christopher McDougall who talked about running and the mystery's of this sport.

He talked about how along time ago that we survived at this time with no weapon, strength, or speed. His argument was that we were excellent at sweating and cooling our self off and could do that for a long distance. So we could kill the animals by out running them but we would have to be in a pack, resemblance to a pack of wild dogs. He also said that their will have to be rolls for the pack like a leader, younger people to learn the way to hunt and kill and navigators so that they could find the best pray. He also talked about women in the Olympics. He talked about that women in the 100m are terrible but when you have a marathon and run 26 miles women are only 10miniuts off the male world record, also when you go beyond 26 miles you could flip a coin and find the winner, it could be anyone's race. The third topic he talks about is the progression of your running speed from age 19 to 27 and your progression down wards from their. Their was a study done to show it takes 8 years to reach you peak and the study shows that it takes 45 years to fall down to your first speed.

His reasoning for all of those mystery is that was are great at sweating and that we grew up as a pack of hunting doges. The problem with running today is that we ruined if for our self by trying to market off of it and try to make money. Also that it should be a timed event that if you don't get a certain time you don't qualify for another race. We should just race for fun and don't worry about the outcome. I am a runner and running is the funnest and most enjoyable to do.

I really recomend you watch this ted talk and hope it inspires you to pick up this fantastic sport.

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