Wednesday, January 25, 2012

           Out door Ed articles  How to make love in a canoe and 34 other skills  *****  You might have noticed that all my articles are the ones that are in point form and not full story's because this is Easier  to read and their Are more choices. It's easy to tell if you are going to like it or not to since there is a title for each skill and a small paragraph do if you want to learn about specific problem that keep happening during a camp trip then it will tell you without all the filler.  Some of the best things from this article.  How to get deskunked when tomato jucie doesn't work  Ingredients 3% hydrogen peroxide one liter  Baking soda 50ml And dish soap 5 ml Mix in a container and use immediately or it could explode  That's bad  Rinse well and that's it How to ride up a steep hill  Gather some speed and before reaching the hill  change gear to the lowest so you don't lose your chain. Bend arms and lean forward opposite  when going down hill.  Pulling up on the handle bar gives more power and leverage     Keep going untill you reach the top

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