Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Day Hiking Essentials – Things to bring along on your adventure by Laurie March

Rating: **

This is an article with information that could make or break any hiking trip. The article focusses on important things to take on a hiking trip for survival and comfort. The number one essential is water. It is very easy to become dehydrated on hot days so the author recommends a half litre per hour. The proper clothing is also important for hiking. An outer shell with a fleece layer underneath and a thin layer on the inside is the best combination. A first aid kit is also very important. In the event of an emergency, easy access to a first aid kit can potentially save someone’s life. Food is another great thing to bring on a hike. You need a lot of energy to hike for hours, so snacks throughout the day are very important to keep yourself healthy.

These helpful tips could make any trip much easier. I know that the next time I go hiking, I will bring along all the essential items that the author has mentioned. I would be very unwise to go hiking without food, water, or a first aid kit. Now that I know some of the things that I have been missing, I will go hiking more often, knowing that in the event that something goes wrong, I will be prepared.

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