Thursday, January 19, 2012

Family Canoe Trip On the Bloddvein River-Travis Thiessen

Family Trip On The Bloodvein River

by Travis Thiessen

Rating: ****

As soon as their youngest son reached the age of three, Travis Thiessen had been taking canoe trips. Their first one being at Whiteshell Park, Manitoba for one nighter trips, leading into longer trips in Nopiming Park including Bird, Manigotagan and Black rivers. Their ultimate goal was the Bloodvein River, near Lake Winnipeg. Through a multiple day trip, the four family members, Sharon, Shayne,Luke and Travis Thiesser enjoyed themselves, learning a great deal about paddling, Travis practicing solo when he could, and the children swimming in the waves, as well as enjoying the view of the wildlife and animals.

This article was quite interesting, and taught me that being taught from a young age is a very good thing, and that you must also not push the limits of risk, for chance of getting younger ones on harm's way, as the father of two explains in the article. Strongly recommended to any avid reader.

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