Thursday, January 19, 2012

Is There Life After Fifty?-Terry Culbert

Is There life after fifty?

by Terry Culbert


At fifty, Barbara Hoegenauer decides to start something new: she joins the Bruce Trail Hiking Club of Toronto. She meets many other women of her age and situation, wanting to try something new when reaching their 5th decade or so. Soon after their first trip, she and 5 other friends agree to have a canoe trip. One of them takes someone else's canoe, making them rush back to shore and laughing. They eventually set out on their first real trip, and really enjoyed it. They know are always together, and celebrate birthdays together and all. The one rule for their trips is NO MEN ALLOWED, and they keep this rule until this day.

What I learned from this article is that no matter what your age, situation or level of fitness, you can always take on a new goal, whether it be for fun, to meet new people, or even both. Although the story does get somewhat repetitive, I recommend this article to anyone interested in some self motivation and enjoment.

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