Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Footwear for Canoeing – What to Wear and When by Laurie March

Rating: ***

Footwear is a very important thing while camping. Even more so on canoe trips where you need to be changing your shoes often. Footwear is the focal point of this article. The author gives her general opinion on what would be suitable footwear in certain camp situations. She says that while canoeing, or loading the canoe, she wears a pair of reliable sandals. Not cheap department store sandals, but durable sandals that will last more than one season. She recommends another option called “aqua socks”, skin tight, wetsuit-like socks that are made to get wet. She finds that these are more suited for kayaking but believes that they would work well all the same. When switching from canoeing to portaging, you should always change your shoes because wearing sandals to portage can be very bad for your feet.

When I read this article, I saw some things that I already believed were true. Now that I have read them here, my beliefs have been confirmed. Normally, when I am paddling I bring water shoes to canoe in. However, many times I will wear the water shoes to portage. I will never attempt this again. I will not risk causing injuries to my feet, when I need to portage. These tips are very useful and I recommend that ever paddler use them.

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