Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's in your survival pack?, article

What’s in your survival pack?

By: Allen Macartney

People don’t think of situations before they happen, for example if the weather isn’t what you planned for. Therefor you should always be prepared, and always have a little survival pack.
The three most important survival needs are shelter water, and fire (warmth). Food is
actually the least thing you need to survive; usually a healthy person can last
weeks without food.
Some survival experts suggest a flashlight, folding saw, hiking stove and fuel, a first aid manual, tire chains, latex gloves and a mini tent. When packing for a cycling and day canoe
trips your survival kit should fit into a fanny pack, and should contain
matches, lighter, headache pills, fire starter, whistle, knife, two large
rolled plastic bags, stubby candle and water bottle.
Even with a little survival pack, it usually makes you feel more confident in the woods or on any trop you take. And when things go wrong you’ll be prepared for the unexpected.

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