Thursday, January 19, 2012

He Floated

He Floated

rating: *****

This article is about a young boy by the name of Carson about 15 months old at a birthday party. The party was located at a public pool with a lifeguard and tons of parents keeping an eye on the children. Carson was just playing by himself along the edge of the pool quitely. He was pushing a toy boat along the water when it fell in the water. Just like any kid, Carson jumped in after the boat and went right in the water so quitely not even the lifeguard saw it happen. His mother saw this and started screaming so she ran right after him but before she could get to him, he had already flipped over onto his back and floated.
I think this article is amazing because it shows that toddlers can learn things from instinct without having to be taught later in life. I think babies are so interesting because you never know what they are going to do next, as they are not predictable. I recommend this article to anyone who likes kids such as I do and wants to read about a miraculous real life event that saved a precious child's life.
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