Thursday, January 19, 2012

It Saved His Life

It Saved His Life

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There is a program called ISR swimming lessons that teach toddlers and young children how to swim and what to do if they are in an emergency. One day, a little boy was standing by the pool fully clothed on a cool day when he fell head first into the deep end of the pool. As his mother was screaching and screaming and about to jump into the water to get him out of the water, she saw the little boy's head pop out of the water and he started to float. She was mesmerized because at the very worst scenario, she could have lost her son.
I think this article is very moving, and should encourage others to get their children in to this kind of swimming program as you never know what is going to happen, and anything can happen to your kid. I am a big lover of children and would be heartbroken and ruined for the rest of my life if anything like this happened to my child, so I hope this article encourages others to put their young children in swimming lessons right away.
Jean & Scott P.
under, Survival Stories

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