Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to pack a backpack, article

How to pack a backpack
By:Dave Brown

When packing a bag there are many things you can do wrong that will lead to not having enough room. In this article it tells you that there are three different sections to the bag. For different zones, there are certain things to put in certain places. In zone one, which is placed at the bottom of your pack, you place lightweight items; sleeping bag, clothes. In zone two, which is in the middle of your pack, you should place the heavier items; water, food, tent, camping gear etc. In zone three, which is at the top of your pack, is for medium-weight or bulkier items. If you do it properly, you should be able to fit all the necessary items for your weekend trip.
Some packing tip listed that I think are helpful are plan for the worst weather because then at least you’re prepared. Another good tip is use shoe’s and pots to store your smaller more
delicate items.
To be successful, make sure you follow the three zone rule, and the tip I listed above. Also don’t forget the essentials such as, sleeping bag, clothes, tent, cooking utensils, food and
personal items.

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