Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How to use a rescue signal mirror, article

How to use a rescue signal mirror

By: Allen Macartney

No one knows how important a rescue signal mirror is until something bad goes wrong. Any reflective material can be used, such as a cosmetic mirror, a polished
knife blade, a tin can lid etc. when there is ideal weather conditions the
signal can be seen more than 30 kilometers away.
Some people are lucky enough to have a professional quality signal mirror, and when you have that, it makes things much easier. When using it to try and signal for
help, you put the see through hole up against your eye and directly at the sun.
Next, you locate the circular glare from the sun. Then by tilting the mirror,
place your glare directly over your signalling target.
When you don’t have a professional quality signal mirror, you can use anything shinny. Face the object in the general direction of the sun. Hold a shiny object just below your eye, and extend your other arm out straight. Point your finger straight out
towards your signalling target. Then play with the reflection until it is over
your finger, pointing directly at your target.

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