Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ted talk: “Keep your goals to yourself”

Ted talk: “Keep your goals to yourself”

Everyone has a goal that they set for their self. It may be a lifelong goal or just a goal for that week. Whatever type of goal you set this video teaches you that you should keep this goal to yourself. Research has shown that when you tell someone else about a goal you have and they acknowledge that goal you are more likely to put less work into your goal. As to when people do not tell others of their goal they are more motivated to achieve their goal. I found this idea to be really interesting. I had always assumed that telling someone else your goal you encourage you to follow through and achieve it, I never thought it was the other way around.

This video may not be long but it had a lot of good information in it. It gives you points on your goals and ways to achieve them. I would encourage my classmates to watch this video. You will most likely learn something new and it may help you with a future goal you may have.

Rachel Andolfatto

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