Friday, March 9, 2012

Chi Running

Chi Running - Putting Gravity To Work During Your Run by Mike Stashin
Rating: ***

This article is about a type of running call chi running. It says "imagine every time you run there was this invisble force available to help pull you forward", so this is supposed to be how chi running should feel. Chi runnign is a style created by ultramarathoner and Tai Chi practitioner Danner Dreyer. When you stand up and learned forward slightly on your ankles, you would feel like you were going to fall so you would automatically stick out one of your legs.. which is the first Chi Running step. Instead of putting that foot down and stoping, just put it down momentarily, which is when you'll start to fall again, and then you just repeat the process. If you want to run faster, lean more, if you want to run slower, lean less. Chi Running is ruinning using gravity, not using your muscles.

I found this article very interesting because I run a lot myself. I run about 5 or 6 times a week so learning a new way to run is super interesting. Body impact each time a running foot hits the ground causes a lot of injuries to the lower legs, and I have problems with my ankles so learning about a way to make it less hard on them is always great. I am definetely going to try this out sometime in the future and see if it actually works.

Stashin. Mike. "Chi Running" Outdoors Ottawa Magazine. Roger Bird. Summer/Fall 2010. Page number 12.

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