Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Cult of Fit by: Will Gadd

                I just finished reading the article “The Cult of Fit” by Will Gadd. This article was about the new fitness trend called Cross Fit. Cross Fit is a very competitive new type of workout. It even has a website where people tape and compare their workouts. Every day they have this thing called a work out of the day which is also known as the “WOD”. The author of this article describes this workout as a cult. You can identify the members of this “cult” by the t-shirts they wear with different sayings such as “My warm up is harder than your workout”.
                What I learned from this article was that just because you don’t have a gym, you can still have a very intense workout in your own home just because these workouts involve very little equipment. The writer swears by it, saying that he would put any Cross Fit follower against a gym rat any day and the person doing Cross Fit would win. He does not do it though; he is so knowledgeable on the subject because his wife is a hard core Cross Fit user. So in my opinion I think that this work out style could be very useful because you can do it in the comfort of your own home and it’s free of charge.   

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