Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sea Turtle Story- Jennifer McNutt Bywater
Rating: ***

Hannah is a young girl that had received a small stuffed turtle from her aunt and uncle that donate to the World Wildlife Foundation. As Hannah wanted to make a difference in the world, her and her family traveled to Indonesia to visit a Sea turtle foundation. For her birthday, she would ask all her family members not to give anything to her, but to donate to this foundation. She would also do chores for her mother around the house to pick up money, and put half of her allowance into a jar. After she had 305$, she hand delivered the money to the foundation, and they were so amazed they named a reef after her. Now her fundraising’s amazing because she sells small stuffed turtles to raise money.

Hannah’s story impacted my life, not because I have a special connection with turtles, but it opened my eyes. Not only the turtles, but almost every animal is in danger. It also made me realize how many problems the world is faced with each and every day, and how little people actually do something to impact it.

Jennifer McNutt Bywater, Sea Turtle Story, (March 20, 2012), Ottawa Outdoors, Summer/Fall 2009, pg. 24-25

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