Monday, April 30, 2012

BBC - Health: Basic first aid

Outdoor Ed Resource: This web site contains a list of common first aid misconceptions. From burn treatment to nose bleeds, it sets straight the proper actions required following these incidents. In addition, there are links to other first aid information pages including quizzes to test your knowledge and more detailed first aid information. This resource would benefit Outdoor Ed students because it allows them to refresh their memories regarding first aid procedures following the presentations we're doing in class. It can also provide new information that may not be mentioned in class. Whether you're a adventurist or someone who is rarely outdoors, knowledge of basic first aid will always come in handy! (I'm not trained in first aid, so I don't know how accurate their information is, but it sounds reasonable to me.) The British Red Cross last medically reviewed this article in January 2011. BBC - Health:Basic first aid 2012

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