Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Sea Turtle Story - By Jennifer Mcnutt Bywater

Rating: *****

The title of this article caught my attention right away. I chose to read it because I was interested in how a 6 year old girl could make such a difference in a couple of little turtles lives. Her own initiative and a simple idea resulted in over 2,000 dollars toward a sea turtle sanctuary.

This article talks about a girl who was inspired by a birthday present (a stuffed sea turtle from the World Wildlife foundation) that her mom gave her. This was a huge turning point for 6 year old Hannah, who decided that instead of people bringing presents for her birthday party, that all her friends would donate money to a turtle sanctuary in Bali. She raised $305 and brought it to the sanctuary the next year. The year after that she had raised over $2,000 by selling little wooden turtles to people who wanted to help. Hannah has received the youth environmental award, and continues to make a difference by selling the wooden sea turtles!

I would recommend this article to anyone who doesn't believe that a 6 year old can make a difference in this world, or to anyone who has a love of turtles.

Jennifer Mcnutt Bywater. "The Sea Turtle Story." Ottawa. Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/ Fall 2009. print.

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